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Frozen Organic Ground Lamb 1 lb.

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Certified Organic lamb produced in New Mexico, Shepherd's Lamb is high-quality lamb.

Unlike many factory-farmed animals, these lambs are never finished in a feedlot. Instead, they spend their entire lives browsing on the open range. In the spring, the flock eats shoots of wheat, grass and sand dropseed. Later, on the summer range in the Carson National Forest, the lambs eat plumajillo (yarrow), palo rosario (snowberry), Arizona fescue and mountain mahogany. Because sheep are browsers and not grazers, their diet is varied: they enjoy eating not only grass but also buds and many leaves, especially aspen.

Due to the flock's diet and relatively stress-free life, Shepherd's Lamb meat has become known for its incredibly mild and tender taste. Unlike imported lamb, which is wet-aged in Cryovac on its way to the United States and becomes soft, spongy, and limp, Shepherd's Lamb is pasture-fed and fresh, exhibiting a clean, meaty, firm texture.