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Lavender Sachet Local pw2

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Turquoise Trail Lavender Farm is situated near Madrid, New Mexico just outside the town up on the mesa. Lavender is a low water use plant that thrives in our arid environment.  We have  2238 plants in our fields. Organic lavender farming techniques enables us to further our preservation mission. We are truly concerned with preservation, and environmental concerns such as water conservation and soil structure.  The lavender is harvested by hand to ensure the finest quality of bundles and dried lavender bud.

We have 90 % Grosso lavender on site due to it's high camphor rating. With our high elevation, 6200 feet, it makes the camphor even higher for the lavender. This allows the lavender to smell even sweeter for longer. It also gives a much better oil quality. 10% of our plants are Provence a culinary variety. We will be adding Munstead this year to see how it does at this elevation and if our clients like it's smell and product viability.