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"Jack London's Dog" book

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In 1897 Jack London went to the Gold Rush in the Yukon. This was to be a harsh time in the North Country with 100,000 men from all over America as well as other countries who came to strike it rich. However, Jack London landed just as the Fall "freeze up" came and no one could pan for gold until Spring.While waiting to strike it rich, London stayed with other men on Split Up Island. There he met the dog of another man. The dog's name was also Jack, and he and London became friends. When the thaw came in the Spring and it was time to pan for gold, London was ill and had to return to San Francisco. As a result of his experiences in the raw North Country, he would write Call of the Wild. He used his friend Jack as a model for Buck, dog of the North.Call of the Wild immediately became a hit in American and London the most popular author. So, we know what happened to Jack London, Buck and Call of the Wild, but, what happened to Jack, the dog who was left behind? This is his story.