South Gallery Classes

Tom Briggs

The Construction of Traditional Native North American Hand Drum

Tom Briggs

Tom Briggs is conducting a class on the traditional method of constructing a “Native North American Hand Held Drum.” Students will create a functional hand drum using traditional materials to create a drum frame, raw elk skin for the drum head, raw deer asking lacing, natural earth pigments for painting the drum head, hide glue to mix with the powdered pigments and sizing the completed drum head. Included is the construction of a “Drum Beater.” The beater will have plaited porcupine quill or beaded handle and buffalo wool padded end.

“The focus of this class is to delve beyond the drum as an instrument, as the drum by far transcends that purpose alone!”

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

$165 for 6 week course. (May be 8 weeks, if needed)


American Sign Language

Clint Woosley

A freestyle course of ASL basics. Join us as we flit and flutter our way through the sign language alphabet, animal signs, and eyebrows twitches. Classes progress based on the strength of the attendees skills.

“I love showing people how you can paint the air and end up with a visible canvas that other people can see and appreciate.”

Thursdays 10:30am, classes begin April 20th

$10 per class, $50 for 6 class punch card