Reiki Sessions available in the Treatment Room Mondays and Wednesdays

REIKI SESSIONS The word Reiki, is composed of the two Japanese words Rei and Ki, Rei meaning higher intelligence, and Ki meaning energy, or the life force that is within all living beings. With that in mind, Reiki healing is pretty much the facilitation of good healing energy into the energetic body of the being receiving the healing. Reiki is used to unwind and release emotional blockages, as well as physical pain that may be related to those emotional blockages. Unlike massage therapy, Reiki is usually a hands off practice, with an occasional touch throughout the session, but is generally more of a massage of your energetic body rather than your physical body. Every session is wonderfully different, due to the fact that Reiki is intuitively guided. With that, if it calls to you, please join me in a Reiki session, allow yourself to relax, and discover what you need to. With Sammy Rowe MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 30 minute introductory session $40.00 60 minute session $70.00 90 minute hours $100