Artist Submissions

Artist & Vendor Submission Guidelines


Please follow all guidelines. If you do not submit according to our standards your submission may be overlooked.


  • Please email at least 3 images and no more than 15 images of your art.

  • A website link and any other media relations such as important magazine articles or other supporting documents (no more than 5 pages). 

Wholesale Craft


  • Submit your website with a cover letter to:

  • Cerrillos Station buys a limited amount of handmade in America crafts and some imported goods that are of high standards


Vendors (in Store)


  • There are limited spaces in the store which are maintained by vendors.

  • You must live in the region to have a space.

  • Send us 5 images and a cover letter as to what you sell, your track record, and why you should have a space in Cerrillos Station.

  • There may be a wait list.


Send all supporting materials to:


Cerrillos Station

15B First Street

Cerrillos, NM 87010


All materials shall remain the property of Cerrillos Station.